The electrician service sector globally is such a vast industry. However, it is grossly underrated as being ‘one of those’ menial jobs that can be likened to plumbing. Let us take a moment in this article to fathom the vastness and importance of this very dynamic service sector.
Needless to say, what comes to the mind of the layman when he hears ‘electrician service’ is the field worker changing the faulty heater in the sitting room, or doing wiring for the basement in the house. Now let’s get schooled! – The electrician service sector generates over $2 billion annually. Yes! It goes beyond the everyday repairs you see in your home.
Let us also consider the risk involved in this service. It can be likened to the risk involved in being a pilot or a police officer. If we consider the electrician service personnel that keep our power running in the nuclear power plants of developed countries, we would have a bit of insight as to how volatile and dangerous this sector is. Let us go back in time to the Japanese Fukushima Daiichi nuclear reactor disaster that occurred on the 11th of March 2011 as a result of a tsunami! It resulted in the overheating of the nuclear reactors as a result of failure of the emergency generators caused by the earthquake. This gives us an inkling as to the hazards involved in the electrician sector.
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